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Speculations on events and possibilities from a Wiccan point of view

Apr 22 2017

Is Luck Contagious?

We’ve explored a number of possible implications if luck is contagious, without of course proving in any way that it is.  Most of the conclusions, in my view, align well not just with our own spiritual traditions but with those of most other religions.  We’ve considered that:

  • If luck is catching it says absolutely nothing about what our obligations are regarding the unfortunate or fortunate.  Even if true, contagion doesn’t mean you stone the unfortunate villager.  Courage, skill and compassion are possible, and may be required.
  • We don’t really know whether luck is good or bad, and a healthy agnosticism might be wise, especially regarding our own luck
  • A certain level of indifference to fortune and misfortunate might be a wise thing to practice
  • There are means built into our religion, folk practice, and nearly every other religion to deal with contagion.  If contagion is real, our hands are not tied
  • It might be useful to think about luck, good or ill, as a physical field capable of manipulation and counter-action
  • When we ally ourselves with our own Gods and Goddesses we often ask them to help with our own fields of fortune or misfortune and possibly those of others
  • It might be the case that entities exist that parasitize humans using misfortunate to generate then consume misery 

The most important takeaway may be that having a good relationship with our own Gods and Goddesses is the best possible guard against contagion.  Nature hates a vacuum, and the best defense against burglars is a well-defended and occupied house, not one left untenanted, unmaintained and open to any invader. ...

Feb 04 2015

Deworming the Chakras: Candlemas 2015

It's been a tough winter, but it's light at 5:00 now -- the energy has changed, and winter's running on empty.  Soon there will be birds.  Time to open our hearts to change, to new things. 

Candlemas is interesting as a harbinger -- it's often cold, but the sunlight is definitely increased, and it's just a question of overcoming the reservoir of cold in the soil and water before spring manifests.  

You can look at the progression as:

Solstice Astronomical maximum or minimum of light
Candlemas/Lammas First manifestations of the change, time to prepare
Equinox Point of balance, Aignificant manifestation of the season
Beltane/Hallows Full acceleration ahead, look out solstice!

So what's that about deworming?


Dec 21 2014

...But Can You Do Tricks?

Sooner or later somebody will want you to do parlor tricks.  The pitch is usually a little more subtle, but the gist will be clear.  There's always the prurient curiosity of acquaintances, but more importantly students often come to the Craft seeking or building on an expanded view of what's possible.  I've seen otherwise excellent Coveners drift away in covert disappointment because, on some unspoken level, they expected to be able to regularly  "call spirits from the vasty deep", have them show up, and leave verifiable physical traces.  It's wise to set expectations to avoid disappointments.  Click this link for full text ...

Dec 03 2014

Graduation Day

Watching Jackson's death was a lot like watching a difficult birth -- agonizing, excruciating pain, deep focus, an inevitable result, then -- a measure of release and ecstasy.  Dying was damned hard work for him, and I expect for us.  At the end there's likely to be peace, and reunion.  But there also may be a measure of new challenges and assignments.  I wonder how he's doing and what ours might be. ...

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